80% of Georgians Believe New Jobs Should Go To American Workers, Only 5% Say They Should Go to Illegal Aliens


Rosetta Stone Communications Survey, Feb. 10-11, 2015

Who should get the future jobs in Georgia? - Americans, including legal immigrants already here, Illegal immigrants already here, newly arrived legal immigrants and guest workers or It doesn’t matter, workers who will work for the lowest wage.

Americans/Legal Immigrants: 80.2%

Settled Illegal Immigrants: 5.2%

New Immigrants: 4.3%

Lowest Wage: 10.3%

There are an estimated 11 – 20 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. What do you think the solution is to this problem? We should legalize illegal immigrants and give them American citizenship, we should enforce our laws to encourage illegal immigrants to return to their home countries or you are not sure.

Legalize: 20%

Enforce: 62%

Unsure: 18%

This question is regarding Senate Bill 6, now pending in the Georgia legislature: More than 15 thousand illegal immigrants currently have a Georgia driver’s license or official state ID card. That number is set to increase. Do you support current legislation in the Georgia legislature that would stop the practice of giving drivers licenses and state ID cards to all illegal immigrants?

Yes: 63.6%

No: 21.3%

Unsure: 15.1%

Has the federal government’s effort to enforce immigration laws in the United States been too much, too little or just right?

Too much: 10.7%

Too Little: 65%

Just Right: 12%

Unsure: 12.2%

There are currently 30 million legal immigrants living in the United States and the government brings in 1 million legal immigrants a year, do you think that number should be increased, decreased or kept the same.

Increased: 10.4%

Decreased: 59.2%

Kept the Same: 30.4%

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