Why We Support Immigration Reform

Millions of Americans can’t find jobs. Around 18 million American workers who want a full-time job can’t find one. This counts the officially unemployed, those involuntarily in part-time jobs and those who recently dropped off the official unemployment list. These Americans are at all rungs of the job ladder but disproportionately are looking for work in the lower skilled jobs that are primarily taken by foreign workers.

Millions of American and immigrant workers make wages so low that they live in poverty. Increasing numbers of occupations have collapsed into poverty and near-poverty levels. Most of them are disproportionately filled with foreign workers. Occupations such as those in meatpacking, dry-walling, other construction trades and hospitality jobs that once paid decent to very good incomes have collapsed into near-poverty or poverty levels. Importing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers into those occupations is a profound policy of injustice against the Americans struggling in them already.

About NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation

NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan immigration-reduction organization. We conduct research on the impacts of high numerical levels of immigration and educate the public, opinion leaders and policymakers on the results of those and other studies. Undergirding our work are beliefs in environmental sustainability, economic justice, the rule of law, and individual liberty, and opposition to federal immigration policies that threaten these values by forcing massive U.S. population growth.

"No" to Immigrant Bashing

Nothing about this website should be construed as advocating hostile actions or feelings toward immigrant Americans; illegal aliens deserve humane treatment even as they are detected, detained and deported. Unfortunately, to write about problems of immigration is to risk seeming to attack immigrants themselves. Even worse is the risk of inadvertently encouraging somebody else to show hostility toward the foreign-born as a group.