What We Are For

For Environmental Quality

In 1970, we achieved a national consensus to stop squandering our natural resources and to restore and preserve the quality of our water, air, eco-systems, and bio-diversity for future generations. Americans are FOR the idea of meeting most of those goals by the 1990s.

For the American Wage-Earner

For two decades, real wages for hourly workers have been stagnant or in decline. Income disparity has widened dramatically. The middle class is in a squeeze. Studies in top scholarly journals have shown that the flooding of the labor market with foreign workers has been a significant factor.

For Access to Open Spaces

An integral part of the standard American ideal of a quality life is tied to the tradition of quick access to open spaces. After the massive population growth of the last 50 years, the homes of most Americans now are in large urban areas. Each year, because of continued population growth, open spaces get farther and farther out of reach. It takes longer and longer for the average American to get to open spaces for hiking, fishing, birding, swimming, hunting, bicycling, camping, picnicking, boating and even gazing at the night sky.