68% of Tennessee Voters Oppose Giving Work Permits To Illegal Aliens


A survey of 500 likely Tennessee voters showed that the majority of voters oppose the bill in Congress that would give work permits to an estimated 7 million illegal alien workers.

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Key Findings:

Congress is considering a bill to give work permits to an estimated 7 million illegal immigrant workers. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose the work permits?

9% Strongly support work permits
19% Somewhat support

19% Somewhat oppose
49% Strongly oppose

4% Not sure

In recent years, the government has issued permanent green cards to approximately 1 million new immigrants each year. Is this number too high, too low or about right?

61% Too high
6% Too low
21% About right
13% Not sure

SOME in Congress propose giving work permits to illegal immigrants immediately and then implementing border and workplace enforcement to stop future flows of illegal workers over the next 10 years. OTHERS in Congress say the enforcement at the borders and workplace must be implemented first and then the work permits can be considered. Which do you prefer for dealing with the illegal immigrants?

23% Work permits first, followed by 10 years of implementing enforcement
66% Full enforcement first, before considering work permits
11% Not sure

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