Roy Beck

Roy H. Beck is the Founder, President and CEO of NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation.  He graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and was one of the nation’s first environmental-beat newspaper reporters in the 1960s. He received more than two-dozen awards for his environmental, business and religion reporting during two decades as a newspaper journalist. Mr. Beck became a full-time policy analyst of immigration and U.S. population issues in 1991. He wrote four books on immigration, environment and the U.S. labor market, and on ethics, religion and public policy.  He is co-author of numerous studies of sprawl and has been published in scores of magazines, academic journals and newspapers.  He founded NumbersUSA in 1996 to carry out the immigration recommendations of two national commissions, one a bi-partisan congressional one chaired by former Rep. Barbara Jordan and the other a presidential one chaired by former Sen. Tim Wirth.  His article in the Atlantic Monthly on problems from too much immigration in a small city was chosen by the Encyclopedia Britannica to include in a volume of the Annals of America as one of the most important writings in the 1990s. He has appeared as an immigration expert on hundreds of TV shows, radio programs, congressional hearings, university presentations, think tank and conference panels, and speaker's forums.  Mr. Beck was awarded the  U.S. Army Commendation Medal (non-combat service) in 1972.  His record of volunteer leadership includes clothing closets for inner city children (Dallas), Multiple Sclerosis Society (Grand Rapids, Mich.), nursing homes (Columbia, Missouri), United Methodist Sunday school teaching (Ohio, Texas, Virginia), and food/transportation assistance to poor immigrants and others (Arlington, Va.).  Since 1990, he has led an annual week-long trip for teenagers, building Habitat for Humanity houses and rehabbing homes of the elderly poor.