For Easy Personal Mobility without Traffic Gridlock

Most transportation planners concede that Americans will never give up the incredible personal mobility freedoms offered by the automobile – unless forced by the government.

The auto would pose little problem today if we had the 203-million population of 1970.

But more than 80 million people (most of them immigrants and their descendents) have been added to the country since then. Americans in large urban areas now must spend a significant part of their lives in maddening rush-hour traffic.

Recent national studies concede that the experts do not have a good idea of how to break the gridlock we have under the current population.

Imagine the transportation nightmare with the more than 400 million Americans the Census Bureau says will be living in this country by 2050 if Congress doesn't change immigration numbers.

Most Americans are FOR the ability to travel anywhere they choose, without gridlock. Congress should have some compassion for American motorists.