Democratic strategist says Obama already stopped deportation threat for nearly all illegal aliens

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CNSNews reports that Simon Rosenberg, a leading Democratic strategist, said that “the threat of deportation over the vast majority of undocumented immigrants in the United States has been lifted” because the Obama Administration is not enforcing immigration laws. He expects Obama to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens after the midterm election, even though all but criminal aliens already are safe from deportation under the Administration’s “prosecutorial discretion” guidelines.

At a Washington, D.C. event on Tuesday, Rosenberg said, “I think that the immigration community has, frankly, given the Democrats and the president far less credit than they deserve for how much we’ve – the president has fundamentally altered the system to essentially have removed the threat of deportation over virtually every undocumented immigrant in the country already. That’s already happened…The government of the United States no longer wants to deport people from the interior without criminal records,”

Rosenberg said deportations of noncriminal illegal aliens “plummeted” under Obama, citing a Migration Policy Institute report that says interior removals of noncriminals fell from 77,000 (43 percent) in fiscal year 2009 to 17,000 (13 percent) in fiscal year 2013. Challenged on the prospect of illegal aliens without criminal records getting “caught up in a system,” Rosenberg said the vast majority will not.

Rosenberg is President of the center-left think tank NDN (New Democrat Network) and a Democratic insider. His group’s web site says Rosenberg “devised strategies to make Democrats more competitive in states with rapidly growing Hispanic populations and has helped map a smart path forward on immigration reform.”

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