Black Americans

Some blacks say Latino immigrants taking their jobs


"'This issue is not new; this preference for immigrant workers over native African-American workers is historical,' said Frank Morris, a former associate dean at the University of Maryland, College Park. Morris was also president of the Tacoma branch of the NAACP during the 1960s..."

The Seattle Times; June 12, 2006

Are Black Americans being blackmailed to support illegal aliens' false civil rights claims?


"The civil rights which each black family earned generation by generation, struggling as citizens under threat of lynching, under threat of fire bombings, under threat of murder... but as citizens is being compared to illegal aliens who want "civil rights" that are not only not earned but they aren't warranted without citizenship..."; May 22, 2006

Black Activists Say Immigration Shortcuts are Not a Civil Right Issue


"'The amnesty issue is being distorted. This is not about the rights of people here legally or of equal rights - it is about people who are here illegally wanting everyone to ignore the fact that they broke the law to get into this country,' said Project 21 member Geoffrey Moore. 'The civil rights movement was about some American citizens being treated worse than others. The rallies happening now are about lawbreaking non-citizens wanting to be given the same rights and benefits of those who came to America through the proper immigration channels..."

Silicon Ceiling 6: 70,000 blacks out of work in computer, technology industries


"Experienced African-American workers are twice as likely to be unemployed in the computer and technology industries as the general labor force, according to Silicon Ceiling 6, a report by the Coalition for Fair Employment in High Technology..."

Coalition for Fair Employment in High Technology via; October 31, 2005

Choose Black America


Organization argues that Black Americans have already been severely damaged by decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration and stand to lose even more if 12 million, or more, illegal aliens are granted amnesty. The coalition also formed in response to the failure of black elected officials to represent the interests of African Americans.

Black civil rights activist opposes push for immigration amnesty


"Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which belongs to the [Coalition for the Future American Worker] and supports capping immigration, said he hopes to run radio spots featuring [T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami]. He said he was captivated by him after attending a symposium in Washington that Fair initiated on blacks and immigration. ''I wondered why aren't the black leaders standing up for black workers,'' Beck said. 'Willard is willing to say the emperor has no clothes...'''

Miami Herald