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Inside Obama's Hispanic strategy


Obama officials are focused on the fast-growing interior West and especially this state, which they believe the president lost only because it is John McCain’s home. With states such as Arizona adding congressional districts after the 2010 census – and thus electoral votes – turning the West into a Democratic bulwark could ensure a lock on the presidency, Obama’s strategists believe.

Don't punish illegal-immigrant kids who want to be good Americans


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik would like to see a test case on the issue of whether schools should ask students to show they're in the United States lawfully ("Sheriffs: Are you in school legally?" April 28). Sheriff Dupnik's idea is ill-conceived and would have devastating ramifications for thousands of young, promising students living in Arizona.

Arena: The year for immigration reform?


Martin Frost, attorney, former Democratic congressman 

“No year is ever a good year to seek immigration reform. Immigration reform makes Social Security reform look like a walk in the park. The Obama administration should concentrate on health care and energy legislation this year and not waste capital on this most difficult of all subjects.” 

Cesar Conda, Republican strategist, former Romney and Cheney adviser 

“Obama should focus on creating

Timing Immigration Reform


The Obama administration recently signaled interest in beginning a discussion on comprehensive immigration reform before year's end. It might seem that a severe economic downtown is not the best time for a major legislative initiative on immigration. But starting this conversation now makes sense for several reasons.

By T. Alexander Aleinikoff -- Washington Post

Immigration compromise merely a drop in the ocean of immigration reform


Maryland legislators this week breathed a sigh of relief as they passed a compromise on drivers' license legislation and avoided having to stay in Annapolis for a special session. The compromise would allow illegal aliens to renew their Maryland drivers' licenses through 2015, bringing Maryland into compliance with a federal law called the Real ID Act of 2005. However hard fought, this compromise still doesn't resolve the fundamental issues of immigration policy in Maryland.

GOP cools on a hot-button issue


According to, a congressional newspaper that publishes when Congress is in session, "Romney believes that one way to attract more minorities to the GOP is to pass immigration reform before the next election, saying the issue becomes demagogued by both parties on the campaign trail." The article also quotes Romney as saying, "We have a natural affinity with Hispanic-American voters, Asian-American voters."

Napolitano Offers Obama Pragmatic Take on Immigration


Roy Beck, president of Numbers USA, a policy group that seeks to reduce immigration, criticized Napolitano, saying she supports “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, though he still praised her efforts in taking steps to “secure the border.” In what may be a signal that Napolitano could face tough questioning from Republicans, many Numbers USA members harshly criticized Beck’s recent statement in his blog, that “Obama could do a lot worse” in picking Napolitano.http://w

Immigration advocates demand reform from Obama presidency


Still, with job losses continuing across the country, the timing of such efforts could backfire on advocates, said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, a Washington group seeking to curb immigration.

"I would think it would not be good for them to have a big loss at the beginning of an Obama administration," he said. "These are almost the worst possible conditions for them to push for this."

Barbara Jordan's Legal Immigration Recommendations


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The Immigration Act of 1990 mandated the creation of a bipartisan
commission to examine the impacts of immigration on the United States
and to make recommendations for future policy. The Commission, chaired
by the late Barbara Jordan, issued its final report in 1997, but Barbara
Jordan held a press conference in 1995 releasing the Commission's
recommendations on legal immigration. The Jordan Commission called for
an end to Chain Migration, the end of the Visa Lottery, and an annual