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Source: Point system in immigration bill would favor family ties over skills


The bill would also give a preference to people from selected less-developed countries — including Egypt, Chad and Ethiopia — in exchange for killing the controversial “Diversity Lottery” visa, said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, an anti-immigration group.

Jenks received a 30-page segment of the bill from a source. She declined to share her text with The Daily Caller, saying the release might reveal her source.

Senators Raise Cost Concerns Over Gang of Eight Immigration Proposal


Sens. Jeff Sessions, Chuck Grassley and Pat Roberts wrote the Republican members of the “Gang of Eight” to ask for information about the long-term costs once millions of illegal aliens become eligible for major entitlements and approximately 80 different means-tested welfare and low-income assistance programs.

Worker Protections Sought Amid Efforts to Increase High-Tech Visas


Work on the so-called comprehensive immigration reform bill has been delayed while Senators argue over the inclusion of worker protections in the high-tech industry. Some are pushing for higher wages for those entering under H-1B visas, and penalties for high-end H-1B users, so that such workers do not displace citizens and legal residents.

Rules for Addressing Amnesty


Republicans are getting a lot of unsolicited advice about how to recover from last year's defeat, and most of it is either ignorant or coming from people who don't have Republican party victories in their game plan. One of the worst of these bits of advice is that Republicans should join a bipartisan push for immigration amnesty.

'Amnesty' could doom overhaul


"Unless you are removed from the United States, you're getting an amnesty," said Rosemary Jenks, director of government affairs at NumbersUSA, a group that pushes for reduced immigration. "The open border advocate side has turned it into a pejorative word. Amnesty is forgiving the violation of a law without applying the penalties under the law."
Deportation is one of the penalties for being caught in this country illegally, though the ongoing presence of 11 million people is testament to how rarely that's applied.

Rubio dodges immigration controversy at CPAC


“I do think it is interesting, and telling, that he didn’t mention immigration,” said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, which want to reduce the current immigration level of 1 million people per year.

However, the speech’s contents “completely conflicts with his [immigration] plans,” said Jenks.

Evangelicals Use Bible to Sway Republicans on Immigration


NumbersUSA and an affiliated group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), orchestrated a telephone-and fax-fueled public revolt against a 2007 immigration measure proposed by former President George W. Bush legalizing undocumented immigrants. They called the bill “amnesty” for lawbreakers. The day the proposal collapsed, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said the opposition campaign had “lit up the switchboard here for weeks,” and: “Your voice was heard.”

Immigration reform deception: the negligible distinction between two really bad plans


NumbersUSA CEO Roy Beck points out that both the Gang-of-Eight and the Obama plans will give INSTANT ANMESTY and work permits to illegal aliens while remaining silent on the impact on 20 million Americans who cannot find full-time work.

By Mike Scruggs in The Tribune Papers

Lindsey Graham Targeted In Anti-Immigration Reform Ads


The group, NumbersUSA, began radio ads statewide and said television ads would follow on Wednesday. NumbersUSA opposes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the U.S., a measure Graham supports.

"Who elected Graham to demand amnesty and welfare for millions of illegal aliens?" a voiceover says in the ad.

"Amnesty?" an unnamed man replies. "Not me."

Reaching across borders - and aisles


Detractors say it's wishful thinking. "I don't know how seeing those same faces on the same side of the issue makes any difference," says Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA, which seeks to restrict immigration. She also believes Gutierrez's super PAC is another tool for "big-business, open-border types who want cheap labor."

By Suzy Khimm in The Washington Post

Norquist: Immigration is good for the GOP


“Grover is an extremely effective lobbyist … [and] the thing about Grover is that he has clients who make big money off of immigration,” said Roy Beck, founder of advocacy group NumbersUSA, a non-partisan group which helped derail previous efforts to expand immigration.
“Grover is going to do everything in his power to prevent America having a middle class … it appears he thinks oligarchy is a better way to go. … You can’t have a Republican Party when you have a voting base that is impoverished and needs government assistance.”

Change of strategy for immigration: Reform bill faces full gantlet in the Senate


"This is not a serious plan for comprehensive immigration reform; it is a comprehensive special-interest New Year's wish list, in which everyone gets something except the American people," said Rosemary Jenks, government relations director for Numbers USA. "Unfortunately, all Americans get is the bill, which they will have to pay with their jobs and their tax dollars."

GOP dilemma: Lose support of immigrants or activists who rallied behind restrictive stance?


Others are less worried. Rosemary Jenks, director of governmental relations for the Numbers USA, a group that favors tightening immigration restrictions, said the same popular rebellion that deadlocked Congress over Bush's immigration proposal also will stop Obama's, regardless of demographic trends and the November's election results. She noted that some Democrats, too, oppose a big bill.

"It's going to be the same Republicans on the amnesty side and the same Democrats on our side," she said.

ICE Agents Union says AFL-CIO President doesn't speak for them


After AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said that passing Pres. Obama's mass amnesty plan was a "top priority" for his union, the ICE Agents Union, which is anAFL-CIO affiliate, issued a press release saying Trumpka doesn't speak for them. In the statement, the ICE Agents Union said, "No President Trumka, there are still differences within the AFL-CIO, and you don't speak for us."

Fate of immigration reform rests with reluctant Senate


"People in Montana don't want amnesty," Rosemary Jenks, a lobbyist for NumbersUSA, which seeks to lower the nation's immigration level, told The Washington Examiner.

Jenks believes Baucus and other Democratic senators up for re-election next year, including Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, will join with a majority of Senate Republicans to help kill the plan.

Rep. Lamar Smith pans Senate immigration proposal as 'amnesty'


NumbersUSA, a group that helped kill the last immigration reform push in 2007, came out against the Senate proposal on Monday and vowed to mobilize its supporters against it.

“If the Senate were serious about reforming our failed immigration system, the first step of their plan would be immediate, mandatory use of E-Verify — the workplace enforcement measure that ensures jobs are only given to U.S. citizens and those who are here legally,” said Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA’s director of government affairs.

Amnesty critic: Democrats will kill Obama plan


The U.S. Congress ultimately will fail to adopt an amnesty plan that Barack Obama is seeking, and the real “victory” will rest on “red state Democrats” who will oppose it, according to a spokeswoman for NumbersUSA, which supports immigration reform as an education and research foundation.

Spokeswoman Rosemary Jenks says Sens. “Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu and Max Baucus will not be able to vote for this due to their upcoming reelection in 2014.”

Allies press GOP over immigration; Business, religious and other conservative groups are lobbying lawmakers to create a path to


"It is unfortunate that these groups have abandoned the base to support immigration reform that is not in the best interest of Americans," said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, a Virginia-based advocacy group that lobbies to reduce immigration levels and grades members of Congress. "We have 20 million Americans unemployed who can't find jobs."

By Brian Bennett in the Los Angeles Times

U.S. May Allow H1B Spouses to Work During Green Card Wait


In a rare move that flies in the face of anti-immigrant rhetoric in some corners of the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security has announced that it was proposing to provide employment authorization to H-4 visa holders, who are spouse-dependents of principal H-1B “non-immigrant” visa holders.

By Narayan Lakshman

Obama’s immigration exemptions poison needed reforms, say critics


“It would be ridiculous for Republicans to actually believe that the Obama administration is going to uphold its end of any compromise,” said Rosemary Jenks, the director of government relations at NumbersUSA, which wants a reform that would invite fewer, but higher skilled, immigrants

“If Obama does not believe the existing laws apply to him, why would he believe a new compromise applies to him?” she said.

Immigration reform: Is 'amnesty' a possibility now?


Hurting "the American worker with bad immigration policy is not going to get [Republicans] more Hispanic votes," says Roy Beck, executive director of Numbers USA, a group that advocates lower immigration levels. "They've got to do something else."

By David Grant in The Christian Science Monitor

Population Growth Fueled by Immigration Puts U.S. on Fast-Track to Depletion of Natural Resources

Updated: January 3rd, 2013, 11:43 am


  by  Melanie Oubre

The Census Bureau came out with its predictions on U.S. population this month.  In response, Federal Departments including the Departments of Interior and Agriculture released reports on how this growth will affect our country’s natural resources including open space and water supply.  The U.S. will add over 100 million people by 2050 due to mass immigration policies.   Also to be expected by 2050 are severe water shortages and major losses of forests and open space.  When will America realize that population stabilization is the answer to our sustainability dilemma?

Our op-ed in -- Republicans seeking more Hispanic votes might consider tighter labor market to improve incomes

Updated: December 29th, 2012, 9:07 am


  by  Roy Beck

In the stampede of media advice to Republicans to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” (supposedly to win more Hispanic votes in 2016), hardly any dust has been kicked up by discussing whether more immigration would be good for Hispanic Americans themselves. If Republicans want more Hispanic votes, they might consider pushing policies that actually help Hispanic voters get back to work and increase their incomes.

Illegal-Alien Amnesty Is GOP's Poisoned Chalice


The day after the election, immigration-control group NumbersUSA compared Romney's performance to that of 2008 GOP nominee John McCain Enhanced Coverage Linkingnominee John McCain  -Search using:News, Most Recent 60 DaysBiographies Plus News-- at the time a leading amnesty advocate -- in the 20 states with the highest percentage of Hispanic voters. In 16 of those states, wrote NumbersUSA President Roy Beck, "pro-enforcement Romney significantly improved his "spread' . .

Hispanic Democrat says Obama is missing in action on immigration


Roy Beck, the founder and CEO of NumbersUSA, a group that has opposed immigration reform proposals endorsed by Gutierrez and McCain, thinks the White House wants House Republicans to make the first move.

“I’m hearing the White House is saying it should start in the House. I can see why the White House wants the House to go first. They don’t want to lay out the details. They want the Republicans to lay it out first,” he said.

Vote may clear 'path to legal status' \ GOP may give immigration reform a postelection push


Many House Republicans feel pressure from vocal constituents to hold the line. In response to Boehner's comments, the lobbying groupNumbersUSA mobilized activists to make phone calls to congressional offices.

"We have quite a bit of assurance that comprehensive immigration reform won't pass the next Congress," NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said.

Obama's Big Hispanic Win Worries Republicans


NumbersUSA President Roy Beck, whose group advocates reductions in immigration levels, argues that Republicans like Romney need to explain to Hispanic voters why immigration restrictions are in their interest. "He should have talked about Hispanic unemployment and how much high immigration hurts Hispanic employment."

By Nicholas Riccardi-Associated Press

Media Perpetuate Ugly Campaign Tone by Labeling E-Verify as 'Harsh'

Updated: November 8th, 2012, 11:51 am


  by  Jeremy Beck

As the major networks began calling the election for President Obama, several commentators expressed a sense of relief after a long campaign in which each side attempted to scare the electorate away from the other by making their opponents out to be monsters. The campaign was over and the hard work of governing could resume.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez says that in Arizona, Mitt Romney said the state’s SB 1070 law should be model for nation


Finally, we turned to NumbersUSA, an Arlington-Va.-based nonprofit group that opposes illegal immigration and advocates for limits on legal immigration, because it tracks what the presidential candidates say about immigration. The group’s president, Roy Beck, told us that Romney has expressed support for enacting "attrition by enforcement" policies on a national level such as requiring that businesses use E-Verify.

National Religious Groups Push Against Illegal Immigration Laws in Alabama


In June of 2011, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed into law restrictions against illegal immigration, considered by many political analysts as the toughest in the nation. Governor Bentley labeled the law as the “strongest immigration bill in the country.” However, as seen in most instances, church groups in Alabama are coming out publicly against the law and pushing for open-border measures. The President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Mark Tooley, described the church’s belief as, “Any border enforcement is commonly derided as ‘militarization.’ And illegal immigrants are routinely likened to the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt, or Abraham searching for the Promised Land.”

Freshman Rep. Dennis Ross Joins 5-for-5 Club

Rep. Dennis Ross


Freshman Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) joined NumbersUSA's 5-for-5 Club after cosponsoring House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's E-Verify bill, H.R.2164, last week. Rep. Ross is the third freshman to join the 5-for-5 Club, but more importantly, the first Member of the House Immigration Subcommittee. He's also the first Member of the House Judiciary Committee to go 5-for-5.