For Survival of the Lifestyles of Small Cities, Towns, and Rural Areas

Instead of many types of lifestyles and local cultures to choose from, Americans are finding all cities becoming more and more like New York City and Los Angeles.

Under current immigration policy, population growth adds the equivalent of another Detroit, Denver, Miami, and Washington, D.C. – EVERY YEAR!

Such federally-coerced massive population growth almost guarantees that mid-size cities without big-city traffic jams today cannot long escape them.

And any smaller cities, towns, and rural areas within 50 miles of the present outskirts of a large city are destined to be swallowed inside the ever-marching sprawl of the big cities.

It is not only the residents of those areas who will lose their ability for a lifestyle different from the congested urban one. Many small cities and towns throughout the Mountain West, Midwest, and South are finding their local cultures turned upside down almost overnight by one of two phenomenon: (1) brand new flows of immigrants who over barely a decade make up 20-30% of school populations, (2) even larger flows of American-born refugees who flee the immigration-confusion of the coasts and through sheer numbers transform the job markets and social mores of the locals.

Americans are FOR the ability of any resident to move around the country. But they also are FOR enough stability so that residents of every community are not in constant dread of seeing their way of life changed suddenly against their will.

How about some compassion for local communities?

Americans FOR Compassion Are AGAINST High Immigration