Report: 59% of Voters Blame Obama For Border Surge


The Daily Caller obtained an unreleased poll that says 59 percent of voters who are closely following the border surge agree that "current administration policies and lack of focus on securing the border" are behind the crisis. One-third of political independents and Hispanics “strongly” blame the president. Six in 10 respondents say that unaccompanied alien children should be ordered to leave the country.

The new TIPP poll, which was conducted for Investor’s Business Daily, said that 39 percent of voters who are closely following the story “agree strongly” that Obama is responsible for the crisis and another 20 percent “agree somewhat.” Only 23 percent “disagree strongly,” and 16 percent “disagree somewhat.”

Thirty-six percent of independent voters “agree strongly,” that the president deserves blame and 24 percent “agree somewhat.” For adult Hispanics (not necessarily citizens or voters) 37 percent agree strongly that Obama is to blame, while 33 percent disagree strongly.

The poll, which found that 73 percent followed the story closely, took place from June 24 to June 29. That is before the citizens of Murrieta, Calif. blocked buses of border surge aliens from being processed and released in their city. The media reported on those efforts so even more may be following the story now.

NumbersUSA’s president Roy Beck told The Daily Caller the public’s adverse reaction to the border crisis could have election implications for the senators who voted for S. 744 – the Senate-passed comprehensive amnesty bill which had a role in creating the border crisis. Some Republican senators who supported that bill are up for re-election but the measure passed mostly with Democratic votes. Beck said Democratic senators “have worked arm-in-arm with Obama on creating this crisis. Every one of the Democratic senators need to be held responsible for helping to create this crisis.”

Read The Daily Caller article or the poll.

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