Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell Calls Out Obama's 'Naive Immigration Policy'


In an op-ed for The Daily Caller, former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell rails against "Obama's pro-amnesty agenda". Blackwell calls Pres. Obama's unwillingness to institute a travel ban on Ebola-stricken countries "an extension of his larger, pro-amnesty, open border position."

"While promising voters in 2008 that he would secure the border, it is clear that not only is the border not a priority but Pres. Obama is promising to use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in this country. In addition, not only are deportations down 15 percent this calendar year, the Obama administration is already secretly preparing to print permits for approximately 11 million illegal immigrants."

Blackwell then turned to how Pres. Obama's immigration policies have affected communities around the country.

"Local communities along the Southern border are especially hard by having to fund the types of law enforcement that the Federal government has failed to do," he wrote. "And states everywhere face the extraordinary burden of illegal immigrants, which are bussed around the country without warning."

On the recent news of thousands of illegal aliens with felony convictions being released from detainment, Blackwell called it "shameful".

Blackwell commented on how border security can keep the U.S. safe from terrorism.

"Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) believes 10 ISIS terrorists have already been picked up at the border."

Blackwell's solution to Obama's pro-amnesty agenda: vote. "Americans need to send a message to Mr. Obama on November 4: Stop the madness!"

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