Feinstein: Obama’s Post-Election Amnesty Would be ‘Legally Challenged’


On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D.-Calif., said if President Obama goes around Congress and issues his own executive actions on immigration “it would be legally challenged.” The president has delayed any unilateral action until after the election.

CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Feinstein if the president hurt relations with Latinos by delaying executive amnesty. Feinstein said, “Well, I have no knowledge of what he can do legally under an executive order. I also believe it would be legally challenged. The Senate has spent, under the leadership of Pat Leahy, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, literally months on a bill, a comprehensive bill, 100 amendments, week after week after week…All the House would have to do is pass one part of that bill. We could conference it, work out the differences, and we would have an immigration bill which would be strong.”

Crowley asked Feinstein if politics were involved in the delay. Feinstein responded, “Well, I’m of the opinion that the way this should be done is legislatively, because anything else will be challenged, and probably will not be nearly the bill that is actually needed to solve the problems.”

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