DoD cuts force Americans from military, but Congress wants to give spots to illegal aliens


While Congress decides whether or not to will insert language into the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 that will allow some illegal aliens to enlist in the military and receive an amnesty, recent cuts are forcing current enlistees out. By 2017, the Army needs to downsize from it's recent peak of 570,000 active duty troops from 2006-08 to 450,000 troops.

The Associated Press reported that most of the reductions will come from voluntary retirements, resignations, and decreased enlistments, but 3,000 officers will need to be forced out over the net few years.

Meanwhile, the House Armed Services Committee marks up the 2015 Defense Authorization bill on Wednesday where rumors have been circulating about possible adding Rep. Jeff Denham's (R-Calif.) ENLIST Act to the bill. The bill would allow any illegal aliens who entered the country under the age of 15 to enlist in the military and receive legal status with a possible path to citizenship. Last week, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) also expressed support for adding the provision to the Senate version of the bill should the House fail to do so.

If the ENLIST Act is included in the Defense Authorization bill, or it or a similar bill is passed as a stand-alone bill, it would create competition for Americans interested in enlisting to the few remaining spots that will be left in the military after all reductions are made.

The American Legion, the nation's largest veterans group, has come out against the ENLIST Act (H.R.2377).

"The NDAA needs to stand alone, and I think attaching an issue as contentious and complex as immigration and recruitment policy would only stall the NDAA," John Stovall, director of the Legion’s national security division said. "The legion’s long-standing policy remains that we are opposed to any policy, any legislative action that amounts to amnesty, and I think that would fall under that definition."

For more information, see the Associated Press.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

The ENLIST Act might be a dumb idea, but at least it’s consistent. If illegal aliens are allowed to compete with US workers in other sectors of the economy, why not allow them to complete for enlistment or even commissions in the Armed Forces? We use illegals to carry our leaf blowers and line-trimmers; why not a pack and a rifle? Illegals are now permitted to practice law in CA and FL, an occupation once reserved (wisely and appropriately) for citizens.

If the Washington regime's chief interest is in protecting the American people from conquest and occupation by foreign powers, it would never have allowed the accumulation of tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country for any reason, for that is wholly inconsistent with any rational plan to protect our national community.

Looking at the wars that we have fought since 1945 (all of them for domestic political reasons), it is clear that the activities of our Armed Forces now have little relation to the nation's actual defense needs. National defense has been almost completely decoupled from its original task of protecting the country and is now just another industry with high profit margins and low risks for investors.

Most of us will recall that a similar scenario unfolded within another Empire, long ago and far away.

John 4110 of MI's picture

Rewarding illegals with citizenship or legal status would lead to a huge increase in their presence in the military. Do we really want a military composed by say 60% illegals? Is that desirable? It also means that illegals get compensated with legal status and pay- Americans only get pay. The military really does not need larger numbers of recruits. If at some point in the future larger numbers more recruit are needed, the military should increase compensation - not pay illegals with citizenship. Any move to address amnesty at this time is an opportunity to make the amnesty far larger.

It seems obvious that the military does not need increases in recruits. Will those that simply apply and not get placed also get a pass on immigration enforcement?

I anticipate that much of the pro amnesty crowd will not be enthusiastic: they want legal status without any restrictions or significant fines.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

True. A mercenary army is bad; a mercenary army that includes foreign invaders is even worse. It would be hard to regard any such proposal as anything other than treason.

Florence 0183 of NJ's picture

How about this: CA bill would ease professional licensing rules for illegals

get the feeling that WE are not in this equation AT ALL...thanks to all of the benefits, education and financial aid given to illegals, seems like our govt has given our country to illegals...and w/the help of the muslim in the WH by not deporting and encouraging illegals to come here...this looks really bad!!! check this out...

Florence 0183 of NJ's picture

That is not the only place they will be, CA bill would ease professional licensing rules for illegals, they made it possible for illegals to practice law w/o citizenship in our country, now look at this:

this is so wrong, this is really bad, you will not believe they will have a legal status then and we will have lost everything...

Florence 0183 of NJ's picture

CA bill would ease professional licensing rules for illegals...just as they made it legal for them to practice law, they are wanting to allow, doctors, teachers, etc, thus giving them a legal status and what do we do, do you want an illegal to treat you in an emergency room, seems that these laws are making it possible for illegals to become legal as professionals, thus legal as citizens? or does that not matter...

Jm  2943 of CO's picture

Do you really think an illegal is going to fight with his buddies along side of him in a war?

Legal residents and US citizens care about this country. The only think illegals care about are themselves! We do not need them in our military!!!

As for prior wars; the British Commonwealth troops fought side by side in wars as they had the same allegiance to the Queen. Allies fight side by side as they have been fighting side by side for years like Nato troops. Illegals have no such allegiance to this country!

Esther 7135 of CA's picture

I can't find the words to express the disgust I have for this administration regarding illegals.Will thier bad behavior never cease? Me thinks ,NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Jm  2943 of CO's picture

We talked to our Congressmans office today (CO 6). He said this was already taken out of the bill and will be voted on separately later on this summer.

Karon 0150 of NC's picture

Our politicians have been consistently giving away our American jobs. Why would any American be surprised that our Government would have our Armed Force positions given away, too. You can make a difference. Go to the polls tomorrow. Maybe we can get some of these traitor politicians out of office!

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

I hope the public is thinking, and stomping their feet dramatically over this one. It is huge! Yeah, let's give people that have no respect for our laws, no loyalty to our nation martial arts and marksmanship training. I do not scare easily, but this I'm skeptical over.

Think of all consequences, not just the present ones. Service veterans often become popular politicians. Do we want more pro-illegal advocates in Congress? (Yes, I know, Congress does, but I'm talking about us.)

Often our armed forces offer pretty expensive training in skills that are marketable in civilian life. Then they get educational benefits after. Are'nt we making it more difficult for future civilian Americans to compete?

If Denham and Durbin represent Americans, maybe mental health screening is in order, too?

Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Tell me what is it going to take to get some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform passed? I'm sick of all this, sending FAX's, making 100 phone calls, writing letters to my damn liberal Senators, carper, coonc, and Rep. carney. They send back a form letter telling me they appreciate hearing from me on this important issue, yet they never listen to what I tell them. I'm told our system is broken and only amnesty will fix this problem. Yea, right. ALIPAC said it best in their last news letter. If we loose this fight to get the illegal aliens out of this country and back where they belong, including their anchor babies, there will be NOTHING else worth fighting for. HOW TRUE!

Illegal immigration is a cancer that has to be eradicated and not tolerated.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Robert, I've been at this 24 years, so obviously I do not have the answer to getting enforcement. I went thru with Numbers, the last big amnesty push, 2005 I think, and we stopped that one. Later, about years ago I found Alipac and still participate there. I am pro anyone that is anti-amnesty.

That said I spend most of my efforts with/on Numbers as they seem to a bit more effective, or possibly just help make my work easier. Either way, of three I've tried, I prefer Numbers.

I participate on 2, because every place I can make some noise, I figure helps. because I'm sure that someone in Wash. monitors these web-sites, if not regularly, spasticly. Once involved, we have to stick to the bitter end! For one, I'm glad to have you around!!

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Today, the Supremes refused to hear the case on the Nebraska law that bars illegals from renting housing so the lower court ruling that upheld the law stands.

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Flo, yes, that is true what you said. I believe that Sonia Sotomayor uses her influence to persuade some other judges not to take the case that is related to illegal aliens. She refuses to consider illegal aliens criminals. I really don't know much about court rules of the Supreme Court. I think that if the Supreme Court judges unanimously decide for the case like 9-0 after they secretly discuss it, they would take it; if there is a split decision like 8-1 or 5-4, they would quickly dismiss the case.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

No. this is a good decision for Americans. Now, landlords can be stopped from renting to illegals. The illegal groups were suing over this and the court refused to hear their complaints.

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Yes, I know that it is a good news for Nebraska. All I talk about is Sonia Sotomayor. I still feel that she should NOT have belonged to the Supreme Court because she was involved in La Raza that doesn't honor the Constitution. That is why Obama handpicked her to undermine it. I still don't trust her. Period!

Regina 9056 of NC's picture

May 16th, 2014. Operation American Spring. Our government has gone almost completely rogue. Let's be heard. May 16th, 2014 - Washington DC Mall. We must move closer to their ears because it seems that they can't hear us 'screaming at them' from our homes, people. May 16th, 2014. Be there.

Brigitte 6074 of MI's picture

Regina or anyone . . please tell me more about May 16, 2014 OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING - Washington DC Mall. Is there a group to contact to participate?
I am 75 and vision impaired due to recent eye surgeries.
I would very much like to go!
Thanks for the info.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Van, what do you think about this? I admit the goals are worthy, perhaps we've reached a point where this is the only answer, but its a bit scary too, like a military coup. This is all the fault of George W. Bush and Barack Obama that the country has come to this.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

It certainly reads like a coup. Tribunals run by favored politicians. I've never heard of the guy behind it, either. I know people are frustrated and wanting an outlet for expressing their anger at the government/politicians but I'd be wary of this effort.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

As a historian, I can confidently say these things often start out with a Constitutional goal in mind but can end up anywhere. I wish ten million people would just march on the Mall and register our anger without the rest of it. Of course, Not one of these politicians will step down and what will happen then? On their Web page they say they don't want it to be a secret so surely they'll be met with resistance. Sometimes these marches are planned and never attract the expected following. It reminds me of the Bonus Army that did not devolve into violence but also did not gain the bonuses that had been promised to the soldiers.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

And from my perspective, acting President Reagan should not be left blame free, Twenty years ago I'd been in the thick of that. Problem is if they do pull a coup, I cannot be supportive of all in his prescribed Tribunal...Well, I hope if they get there, DC, that there security is good. Washington has to know he's coming, and he is or was encouraging going unarmed, so I do not see them taking over. This could be one of those things that produces martyrs and gets more Americans stirred up. Just don't know, as Van says caution is the order of that day.

Brigitte 6074 of MI's picture

Thank you very much for the heads-up. This is scary and definitely more than I can tackle right now given limited vision.
I have sent many letters and faxes to Lansing, MI, and Washington DC (Carl Levin, et al)and am always astounded at the offensive form letters I receive that never address my specific concerns.

I recently read up on the "Bilderberg Society." What is your take on that?

Thanks again.

James 7427 of KS's picture

I can't think of anything more stupid than allowing illegal aliens, who are effectively foreign invaders, to join the military. That is like the fox guarding the hen house.

GlenR 1973 of WV's picture

I remember the first time at the same high school. Reminds of the day about 10 years ago while a "civil rights" march in California pushing Amnesty for the ILLEGALS the marchers were carring 1000's of mexican flags. It pretty much stopped the Amnesty movement at that time when Citizens saw on of the mexican flags on the news, since then the marchers have been careful to carry mostly American flags. This high doesn't seem to care.

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

America's Armed Forces are NOT Dumping Grounds for Illegals !!!

Amnesty would not solve this problem; you would get even more Illegals.

If we are to get any immigration reform before 2017:

NATIONWIDE MANDATORY e-VERIFY is a first, good move. It will remove the biggest 'magnet' that draws Illegals: money. They will stop coming here and start going home: problem gets smaller all by itself. Everything else is either expensive (e.g. more fences) or harmful (e.g. asylums hiding amnesty).

This e-Verify system already exists, and it is cheap !!! Let's get going.

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Those corrupt politicians are totally wrong that they force U.S. military to accept and recruit illegal aliens, even though Department of Defense doesn't have no room for more Americans and doesn't have money for them. They are stubbornly fighting for keeping ENLIST Act bill alive that would save younger illegal aliens from being deported. I read that Rep. Steve King blasted Jeff Denham's bill. He said that illegal aliens who want to join military are defrauding the government. I learned that Denham is an almond farmer in CA. I wonder if he hired illegal aliens to work for him. I believe he still feels he owes them amnesty. We won't let those black hearted politicians to destroy the hopes and dreams of so many suffering American families to provide opportunities to their own children. They are incredibly stupid because they force many American taxpayers to help lawless foreign nationals. We all should vanish Denham's bill with our action -- kill it. It is unacceptable and insulting to every American citizen. Its irrational held truths is much more harmful to them. It is all lies and myths. Corrupt politicians are corrupt politicians! They are unacceptable in Congress. Look at what happened to former amnesty opponents like Bob Goodlatte and Daniel Issa. When they became a new traitor, the disappointment seemed too great to bear. I really don't know whether they are bought out or whatever. They must be replaced with honest, conscientious politicians.

Florence 0183 of NJ's picture

knowing how our govt protects illegals, they wouldn't have to go to war, probably station them here somewhere...that is absolutely one of the worst ideas ever, anything to keep illegals in America, our country!

Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Gene, you are a GOOD man. Amazing how the Senate and it seems like Congress is not listening to us, but pandering like hell to La Raza, CASA and the illegal aliens. They are blind to the harm any form of amnesty would do this country. God, look what it's doing now. Continue the fight Gene, I will also.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Thanks, Robert. Friends of mine have told me that when I'm sure that I'm right then I am tenacious! I'm still trying to understand if that was complimentary? If tenacity is what it takes, I'm all for it!

GlenR 1973 of WV's picture

It's not as if they are really blind, their agenda is to continue to gather as much in "political contributions" as possible while the Citizens and this nation are on their own.

Susanne 5577 of AZ's picture

The logical evolution from "carrying leaf blowers to carrying rifles" is poor justification for offering military training to illegals, even if the government was NOT downsizing military.
Illegal is illegal is illegal......consider that a small number of those well trained individuals who then 'retire' early, go on to use those skills working for Mexican drug cartels (whose presence is now documented to be present in thousands of U.S. cities).

Explain THAT to the many thousands of American service people who are being downsized.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

You are right, Susanne. My point was that the government's policy of allowing illegals to work in the US in any job would inevitably corrupt the entire labor market, including our military. As a former army reserve officer, I would have been horrified if I had been forced to accept illegal aliens into my unit.

Bob 9748 of IN's picture

Does this mean superiors will be required to orders in several languages. In Canada you cannot move up in the government unless you can speak both English and French (francophones).

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

It might be that Congress, as well as Obama, may need comprehensive reading classes. One of the first things I learned about history, that if we did not understand the lessons of history then we were doomed to make the same errors as in the past Don't get me started on present day education.