Terry Anderson Interview on Illegal Immigration

Updated: July 21st, 2017, 10:57 am


  by  Charles Breiterman

In my blog from Thursday, June 18, I looked at the historical views of black Americans towards massive immigration of low-skilled labor. For today’s African-Americans regarding illegal immigration, there seems to be a divergence between the leadership and the rank-and-file. Terry Anderson, a radio host in Los Angeles, airs his views in a two part video interview that is posted on the CAPS website. The link was sent to me by a NumbersUSA member who wrote, “Everyone at NumbersUSA needs to see these radio interviews.”

In Part I, starting at time index 4:39, Mr. Anderson says: “The black rank and file, you talk to them in the grocery store, when you go to Pep Boys and talk to them, you go to the bank and talk to them, they will tell you they are fed up with this invasion. But the leaders will not let the public know that.”

In Part 2, starting at time index 2:50, Mr. Anderson says: “My great grandfather was a slave in the state of Louisiana. ... And one of the great moments in our history was the day we were emancipated. We were emancipated with the civil war, but we still had to have something passed that said, officially, we were no longer property, we were now citizens, and anything born to us were citizens. That was written for my ancestors, okay? Having said that, we’ve got a new misinterpretation of it that everybody from the world has used to come here and have babies that make them American citizens. It is wrong. It is a misinterpretation. And it angers me personally because it was written for my ancestors and now it is being misused ... I am suffering from that and my kids and my grandkids are going to suffer because they took an amendment meant for us and turned it around against us. That’s outrageous.”

If you're having difficulty watching the video, you can also see it on the CAPS website.

CHARLES BREITERMAN is an attorney and writer/researcher with NumbersUSA

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