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Pro-Amnesty Groups Are Anti-Hispanic-Americans (they prefer illegal workers over 9% unemployed Hispanics)


(Passing an amnesty) promotes shared prosperity for all of us.

-- Pro-Amnesty Press Release for Rally on Capitol Hill

Prosperity for "all of us" Americans?  Not likely.

But this mostly Hispanic interest group lobbying on Capitol Hill today suggests that "all of us" means all Hispanic-Americans.

But that doesn't work either.  Amnesty will make Hispanic-Americans LESS prosperous.

So, who is "all of us?"  Why, what this really means is that amnesty will make "all of us" special-interest, pro-amnesty lobbying groups more prosperous!


The lobbying today is intended mainly to intimidate Democratic Members of Congress into thinking that if they don't support Rep. Guitierrez (D-Ill.)  and his amnesty plan that they will be seen as anti-Hispanic.

But an amnesty would be the most anti-Hispanic action Congress could take.

Unemployment among Hispanic-Americans (as opposed to illegal aliens) already has reached 9%!

Permanently tying up 7 million jobs with illegal foreign workers is the worst thing Congress could do for those jobless Hispanic voters.

The way to help jobless Hispanic-Americans -- as well as all jobless Americans -- is to require mandatory E-Verify to keep illegal aliens out of the jobs Americans so desperately need and to call a time-out on any importation of foreign workers.

The question you rightfully ask is this: If amnesty would hurt Hispanic Americans so much, why are these Hispanic leaders pushing it?

The answer is pretty ugly: These Hispanic leaders are more enthusiastic in creating more Democratic voters out of the amnestied illegals and in creating more members for their Hispanic organizations than they are in helping struggling Hispanic-American families.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

P.S.  Be sure to go to your Action Buffet to send faxes and take other actions that are posted there.  Don't just stew about what Gutierrez is doing -- DO SOMETHING BACK!

 P.S.S. Our Web Content Editor attended Gutierrez' rally. He has posted a report in the section below.


I attended the rally this morning. There were about 200-300 people
there, and it appeared that they were very well organized. Several of
the group leaders spoke as well as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). Their
immediate agenda is to stop the raids. They had a 16-year old girl who
told the story of her uncle being arrested in his home for being an
illegal alien. They also had a few Catholic priests there who spoke
about the impacts of breaking up families. Rep. Gutierrez referenced
Postville and the damage the raid did to the community and the
families. He also talked about the exploitation of foreign workers.

Their long term goal is to obviously pass comprehensive immigration
reform. They will work to hold Pres.-elect Obama to his promise of
passing CIR in the first year of his first term. They spoke about
putting an end to living in fear and gaining access to services like
health care.

Gutierrez told the group that he would organize a meeting between
the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Menendez to
bring CIR to the forefront.

After the rally, the smaller groups organized and prepared to walk the halls of Congress.

Chris Chmielenski
NumbersUSA Website Editor

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